• About Us

    Growing Crypto Mass Adoption

    1Unit is a blockchain venture studio on a mission to propel the mass adoption of cryptocurrency through practical, yet innovative, applications of new technology.


    We develop dynamic blockchain projects that aim to make positive impact on the future of humanity's technological, social and economic infrastructure.


    If you are a startup or an established company looking to participate in the blockchain movement and grow your organization, let's chat.


  • Suite of Services

    Welcome to our unit-verse. A unit for all your blockchain needs.

    Research Unit

    Research into key areas that support business development, conceptualization, marketing and tech.

    Legal Unit

    Corporate Structure, Company Registration, KYC/AML, Token Purchase Agreement, Legal Advice, Token Legal Opinion,  Terms & Conditions, Compliance Manuals

    Design Unit

    Branding, Illustration, Infographics, Roadmaps, Idea Development

    Content Unit

    Light Paper, White Paper, Medium Articles, Marketing Content, Web Content, Growth Hacking

    Web Unit

    Web Design, UX, UI, Domain Acquisition, Hosting, Token Sale Integration, Online Promotion, Data Gathering

    Smart Unit

    Tokenomics, Smart Contract, Blockchain Implementation, Audit, Architecture, Technical Content, Security, Wallets

    Community Unit

    Community Building, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Telegram, Twitter, Investor Relations, Advisors, Air Drops, Rewards Programs

    Coordination Unit

    Product and Project Management, Budgeting, Team Meetings, Milestones, Weekly Updates, Reports, Documentation

  • Team

    Crypto & blockchain early adopters with deep experience in growing businesses and start-ups.

    Melissa Loh


    Mel has over a decade of hands-on experience at the forefront of technology, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.


    She has been part of pioneering crypto communities and projects since 2014 and has studied under Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the world's foremost bitcoin and blockchain experts.


    Alexandre Lavoie


    Alex overlays 15 years experience in business development and sales into the blockchain world.


    He has a knack for bringing people of diverse skillsets and backgrounds together to make innovative projects happen. Alex applies a keen sense of business to spot opportunities and execute strategies.

    Adil Haris

    Product Development

    Adil is a computer scientist with a deep understanding of business and product development.


    He is a winner of multiple blockchain hackathons and has 4+ years of industry experience. Adil helps 1Unit projects to architect their blockchain-based business processes and operating models.


    Eddy Azar

    Growth Hacker

    Eddy has been working on blockchain projects & startups since 2014, helping found the major Bali & Singapore blockchain meet ups on the way.

    He helped orchestrate the ICOs of Golem & Bancor, both of which raised world record breaking amounts.


    Etienne Dusseault

    Full Stack Developer

    Etienne is a visionary fueled by an aspiration to reform the face of business and finance through technology.

    His core focus is on developing applications to better serve people from the end-user’s perspective. He currently specializes in technologies such as Node.js, Truffle (Solidity) and React to build apps using the Ethereum blockchain.

    Denise Tolentino

    Creative Director

    Denise has over 15 years of experience in the creative industries, solving challenges through writing, illustrating, graphic design and strategic planning.

    Denise brings her expertise in effective communication and branding to 1Unit, helping them hit the bullseye where creative direction is needed.


  • Over $150 million raised

    Projects our team members have been involved in.

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